The 2023 NPL Regular Season is in the Books!

by The Commish

December 19, 2023

NPL Results – Week 14!

You’ll find the brief breakdown of each of your seasons below. The NPL Awards are in the works and will be posted soon! Thanks for coming out again this year, everyone! Look forward to seeing all you folks again next season!

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The Dust Starts to Settle on the Playoff Picture

by Lisa Largenips

December 6, 2023

NPL Results – Week 13!

A lot happened in Week 13 – banners were claimed, teams were eliminated from the playoffs, teams kept their dreams alive, and another Suck Bowl entertained the NPL’s most delirious, inebriated fans. It’s the NPL, Week 13!

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The Sackbuts Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

by Chester Curlybush

November 29, 2023

NPL Results – Week 12!

Familiarity breeds contempt, so put me in the basement so I can finish a write-up. If you’re not a fan of America’s darling, well, then I had a marvelous time ruining everything. You’ve got no reason to be afraid. You’re on your own, kid. It’s the NPL Write-Up, Taylor Swift style!

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The Juggernauts Stun the Androids

by Benedict Undersnatch

November 24, 2023

NPL Results – Week 11!

Michael continues their ascension to the Prophet Division throne! Jerry emerges victorious in a hotly contested divisional battle against Cari! Axell finally corrects course! And the Evil Entities make easy work of their opponents in Priiiiiiime Tiiiiiiime!

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“This team is a bigger pain in the ass than my perineal abscess!”

by Skip Brainless

November 17, 2023

NPL Results – Week 10!

We return to the broadcast booth this week for the sounds of the NPL. Hear the local radio hosts’ most memorable calls for Week 10. It’s the NPL Write-up, broadcaster style!

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