NPL Title Belt

The NPL Title Belt

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Ethan Evil Entities

The NPL Title Belt! What the fuck is it?

Glad you asked.

Way back in the day, a long forgotten NPL franchise named the Erin Exploders defeated the Ricky Rock Lobsters in the very first Seer Cup. In addition to claiming the Seer Cup, the Erin Exploders also were the first to claim the NPL Title Belt. What separates the NPL Title Belt from the Seer Cup is that it can be won by any opponent facing the title belt holder at any time. While the Seer Cup can only claimed in the final game of the season, the Title Belt is up for grabs whenever the holder faces their next opponent. As such, the Title Belt has changed hands over 200 times since that first Seer Cup championship between Erin and Ricky.

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WC = Wild Card Game

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