NPL Accolades

Badges, Banners, Pins, Trophies, oh my!


Badges are earned throughout the season through a variety of achievements.

Six Times Nine
You submitted 42 for your Monday Madness score. Looking for answers, eh?
Season Tickets
You submitted each and every pick, all 140, for the entire season!
Loyal Fan
Gotta like team loyalty! Whether a favorite or an underdog, you picked your team to win!
The Donut
You had a bad week and we're all laughing at you. Three or fewer correct picks earns you The Donut!
In a bold move, you decided to broadcast your picks to the rest of the league. Nice. Confidence is the most desired trait in a mate.
Yes. Yes, you are. You were better than the experts in a week. Nice work!
Missing Persons
Shame! Boo! Hiss! You failed to submit your picks! That's no fun for anyone!
Free Win!
The best things in life are free: beer, sex, NPL victories...
You submitted late picks. Sunday mornings are hard, we totally get it.
Lonesome Loser
You decided to stand out from the crowd. It didn't go so well. You're the only person to guess incorrectly.
Solo Soothsayer
No one saw that one coming! Well, except for you. Good work! You're the only person to guess correctly!
Monday Madness
Bullseye! You guessed the Monday Madness score correctly!
Listen to Your Gut
Whether it's cheese fries over garlic fries, a porter over an IPA, or one team over another, your gut is usually trustworthy. You didn't listen this time. You changed a pick and it backfired!
No Defense
You and your opponent combined for 16 or more correct picks!
The Pickth Sense
Something's tingling! You paid attention to the signals in the ether and were rewarded. You changed a pick and it worked out!
Quality Week Bronze
You're on the platform, but it's not your anthem playing. That's 7 correct guesses in a week!
Quality Week Silver
Here's a shiny prize to hang from your rear view mirror: a silver medal for 8 correct picks in a week!
I love playing two-hand touch, eating way too much, watching my team win... and TWINS! You picked a twin number for Monday Madness!
You're On Fire!
The oven is preheating, the furnace is set to a temperature that has dads everywhere climbing out of their recliners, and you just won your third game in a row!
Ice Cold
You're colder than a penguin fart! That's three straight L's!
Director's Cut
You forever operate in the Rough Draft head space, don't you? You submitted picks three or more times this week.
Choke Artist
You really put some work into the art of the choke. All eyes on you and you couldn't get it done in Prime Time. You lost the Game of the Week!
Primetime Player
Some crumble and fold under the pressure. Not you. You get the spotlight on you and you shine equally as bright! You won the Game of the Week!
You're not one for waiting around, are you? You were the first to submit your picks in a week.
For the queen! You and your opponent submitted the same picks. Neat!
Off Target!
Bummer! You had the Monday Madness award in your sights! You missed out on the medal by triggering the +1 score adjustment. Bad luck!
Jason's Player of the Week
Named in honor of the most prolific winner of this badge. The title says it all. You were the cream of the crop! The tip of the top! Best player in the NPL this week!
Quality Week Gold
Wheaties box, here I come!' You took gold in a week! 9 correct guesses!
Wow! You were off target, but you still snagged the Monday Madness award by triggering the +1 score adjustment. What luck!
Safety Dance
Well... that's embarrassing. Your opponent did not submit their picks, but their Safety Picks were still enough to beat you. They suck, but man... you SUUUUUUUCK!
Sixty Nine!
You chose 69 as your Monday Madness score. Nice.
Better Lucky Than Good?
The rest of the NPL must be thrilled with this one! You had a Donut-worthy week, with three or fewer correct, and still got the W. Nice!
Wide Right
The game on the line and all you had to do was kick the last pick through the uprights for the W, but you shanked it! You lost your matchup on the final pick of the week!
1 is the Loneliest Number
One correct pick this week. Just one. That is... not inspiring. But, you get this cute little badge to make you feel better.
Goal Line Stand
The opponent was threatening, but you put up a brick wall on the goal line and refused to give up that final inch! You won your matchup on the final pick of the week!
Legendary Lonesome Loser
You made the unpopular choice. The WILDLY unpopular choice. You were the only player to guess incorrectly in the entire league! You're a legend!
Hot Streak!
You're hotter than two rats $&^%#ing in a wool sock! That's five wins in a row!
Quality Week Platinum
Wow! You guessed all 10 games correctly in a week!
Yin & Yang
Many dualities, such as light and dark, hot and cold, your picks and your opponent's picks, are thought of as manifestations of the duality symbolized by yin and yang. But seriously, how crazy is it that you and your opponent didn't have a single pick in common?
The Holy Trinity
The Commish sayeth unto thee thous't hath collected The Monday Madness, The Solo Soothsayer, and The Lonesome Loser. Amen.
Holy Mother Load, Batman! You just snagged 10 unique badges in one week! You're the nerdiest scout in the troop!
Supreme Solo Soothsayer
What do you know that we don't know? You were the only one in the entire league to guess a game correctly!
It's a good thing the cold never bothered you anyway. That's five straight losses! Ouch!
If You Ain't First, You're Last
Huh? Oh hell, I was high that day. That doesn’t make any sense at all, you can be second, third, fourth… hell, you can even be fifth. But in this case, you WERE last. You were the last to submit picks online this week!
Dunked On
Posterized! Your opponent dunked on you with 5+ more correct picks than you this week!
Wrecked 'em
Damn near killed 'em! You brought the wrecking ball and demolished your laughable opposition with 5+ more correct picks than your opponent this week!


Pins are earned throughout a player's NPL career through reaching certain milestones.

The Commish
Creator of the NPL
Original Gangsta
Played in the Inaugural 2007 Season
Old School
Player has been around for 7+ Seasons
Perfect Week
10 correct, 0 incorrect, MM within 1 pt
Platinum Week
10 correct, 0 incorrect
Imperfect Week
0 correct, 10 incorrect
End full season with 50% accuracy
Route 66
End regular season with 66% accuracy or better
Working Overtime
Finish a full season (140 picks) with half or more of the games coming down to the MM Tiebreaker
500 Correct
Reach the 500 Correct Picks milestone
1000 Correct
Reach the 1000 Correct Picks milestone
I Love the 90s
End regular season with 90 or more correct picks
Playoff Legend
Reach 100 correct picks in the NPL postseason
7 Off
Finish the regular season with an average MM differnce (AMMD) of 7.00 or lower
Quick Exit
Finish a full season (140 picks) without using the MM Tiebreaker


Banners are earned by winning a wild card berth, a division title, a conference title, and so on.

Soothsayer Conference Champion
Clairvoyant Conference Champion
Prophet Division Champion
Psychic Division Champion
Augur Division Champion
Oracle Division Champion
Soothsayer Conference Wild Card
Clairvoyant Conference Wild Card
Auspex Division Champion
Foreteller Division Champion
Mystic Division Champion
Sage Division Champion


Trophies are earned by winning the Seer Cup, Rookie of the Year, Most Accurate Player, or Player of the Year awards.

Seer Cup Champion
The ultimate prize, awarded to the champion of the NPL season
The William Tell Award
Awarded to the player that finishes the season with the highest pick accuracy
The Rookie of the Year Award
Awarded to the best franchise in their first full NPL season
The Player of the Year Award
Awarded to the best overall player in a given season
I Am Smarter Than ESPN
Awarded to the player that finishes the season with the most AYST ESPN Awards
The Monday Magician Award
Lead the NPL with lowest Monday Madness Tiebreaker score difference