Love Is Like a Fart: If You Have to Force It, It’s Probably Crap

by Lauren Ipsum

November 9, 2023

NPL Results – Week 9!

It seems today that all you see is violence in movies and sex on TV. But where are those good old-fashioned values on which we used to rely? Lucky for the writers this week, there’s a Family Guy that can provide all the quotes we need to get this article posted! It’s the NPL Write-up, Peter Griffin style!

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The Wrecking Balls Knock Down Brent’s Walls

by Benedict Undersnatch

November 2, 2023

NPL Results – Week 8!

LeScoot snags their second victory of the year. The Braggadocios help kill some Tichorrhines. The Ballerinas dance over the corpses of the Eruption. And the Cannibals find little resistance in Priiiiiiime Tiiiiiiiime

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Don’t Waste Your Time on Me, This Write-Ups Already the Voice Inside Your Head

by Evee Bubblebutt

October 30, 2023

NPL Results – Week 7!

You’re cold with disappointment while I’m drowning in the writing room. Fresh out of ideas and no energy to be creative, we turn to the Shakespeares (yes I pluralized it) of our lifetimes, blink-182, for our write-up inspiration! It’s the Week 7 write-up, blink style!

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Vince Breaks the W-L-W-L Pattern!

by Benedict Undersnatch

October 23, 2023

NPL Results – Week 6!

The Javelineers outlast the frustrated LeScavengers! Corey and Joel put on a Priiiiiiime Tiiiiiiime offensive showcase! The BB Cannons protect the belt once again! It’s the Week 6 results, A.I. style!

It’s cheaper than hiring another writer.

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The Evil Entities Are Heating Up!

by Eleanor Crosby

October 19, 2023

NPL Results – Week 5!

The BB Cannons look to stay undefeated to keep that NPL Title Belt! The Bous and the LeScavengers are still on the search for their first wins! The Rock Lobsters continue to surprise! It’s the NPL, Week 5!

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