Does a 6-8 Team Stand a Chance in the Playoffs?

by Skip Brainless

December 18, 2018

NPL Playoffs – Wild Card Round Write-Up

JDIII and the Javelineers visit the Brent BB Cannons, the Michael Minotaurs visit division rival Berkenbile Baboons, Miranda and Rachel settle the 1-1 season tie for 2018 in this playoff rubber match, and the 6-8 Chris Cannibals look to play spoiler for the 11-3 DaVena Ballerinas on the road!




Big Brothers and Big Sisters Stadium
Brentland, MI
11:00 AM kickoff
Weather: Cold, Rain

The Brent BB Cannons opened scoring in the driving rain with a 63 yard, four fumble, six injury pass completion to WR Barry B. Beesly. When the dust settled, it was TE Barry K. Beesly with the ball in the endzone. That set the tone for the game, an ugly affair marked by 11 turnovers, 17 injuries, five missed kicks, and one section of fans being ejected for uninvited nudity. BRENT WINS, 44-14

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David’s Bridal Dome
Berkenbisle of Man, NC
11:00 AM kickoff
Weather: Air Conditioned

The hot streak of the Minotaurs to snag the last Wild Card in the Soothsayer Conference unfortunately could not be sustained. Instead, it’s the Berkenbile Baboons, hosting this Wild Card matchup, that put on the gas in the postseason. They tally 38 points in the first three quarters, then weather a respectable comeback attempt by Michael. BERKENBILE WINS, 38-22

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Bangerz Field at the Zyprexa Dome
Las Raches, NV
2:00 PM kickoff
Weather: It’s a dome

Rachel found the endzone on three classic trick plays: The Fumblerooski, The Statue-of-Liberty, and Hide The Midget. This performance draws much criticism of the defensive game plan of the Miranda Martians, who clearly did not watch game film pre-dating 1993. At that point, it was just up to the Wrecking Balls to keep the Martians at an arm’s distance in scoring to come away with the victory. RACHEL WINS, 37-21

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Gargouillade Stadium
DaVenver, CO
5:25 PM kickoff
Weather: Snow, Freezing

The first game to be hosted in DaVenver, Colorado did not go as the hosts planned. Down 24-0 at halftime, any rally in mind by the Ballerinas was quickly killed by the 15 points added by the Cannibals in the 3rd quarter. All the Ballerinas could muster against the stout Cannibals defense was four field goals, all in the third quarter. Following a 9-0 start, it is no exaggeration to call DaVena’s last few weeks a rocky disappointment. CHRIS WINS, 47-12

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