Girl Power

by Eleanor Crosby

December 19, 2016

It was a record setting year for the ladies of the NPL. While the women have been well represented in the NPL, this year showcases the true Girl Power of the NPL, with three Division Champions, two Wild Cards, and a Player of the Year!

Looking back, we have to go back to the inaugural season of the NPL in 2007 to see our first victory for NPL womankind: Erin wins the first ever Seer Cup, in a not-surprising defeat of Ricky. The ladies would go on to win conference championships in each of the first five seasons, taking home two Seer Cups along the way (Erin, Piper).

Women have only been absent for one NPL playoffs, back in 2012. And aside from that season and the year of the lone woman (Lauren, 2013), women have been a big part of NPL Playoff history. This year is no different. In fact, it’s the best year for women in the NPL. Three of the four division winners are women (we’ve had two before, in 2007, 2011, and 2015) and five of the 12 playoff teams are women (also a new best), and the ladies dominated the Player of the Week category, taking the weekly award in 9 of the 14 weeks, including the final five weeks of the NPL season.

But… can they win it all?

The women are on a 4 year championship drought, dating back to Piper’s big win in 2011. Only Erin (2007) has also claimed a championship. But this year, we’re hopeful for the drought to end. Laci posted the 2nd highest pick accuracy this year and won Player of the Year (third woman to do so). Cari finished strong in the regular season to claim the Division Championship from Jerry. Jennifer finished the regular season on an 8 game winning streak. Rachel and Miranda have consistently been among the best in the league in pick accuracy.

Go get’em, girls!

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