Jennifer Jellyfish Extend Jeff Jenstettler

by Eleanor Crosby

August 31, 2018

The Jennifer Jellyfish are looking to build on the success of last season, and one of the key factors that needed addressed this offseason was the extending of veteran QB Jeff Jenstettler. Jenstettler, 30, was among the best last year in passing from the pocket, baking pizza pockets, and eating Hot Pockets without getting the runs. However, at 6’0″, Jenstettler was a frequent victim of the batted ball at the line of scrimmage, ranking 12th in the league in pass deflections.

But, with the extension completed, Jenstettler now stands 6’5″. The two-time division MVP received a 2.5-in extension in his upper and lower legs, reported. The Jellyfish announced the extension, but didn’t disclose the date of the surgery.

“It’s been an amazing ride the last 7 years; excited to start year 8 knowing that I can see over those beefeaters in Jennsylvania and make more informed decisions with the ball,” Jenstettler wrote in an Twatter message. “I’ve grown up here, and grown older and a little wiser along the way. But I really wanted to grow about five more inches, and thankfully the organization agreed with me.”

The extension makes Jenstettler the tallest “artificial height” player in the NPL, topping Chris Cannibals quarterback Christoff Christmas, who stands at 6’4 3/8″ after agreeing to a three inch extension last May.

Jenstettler, who will turn 31 in December, signed a three-year, $110 million contract before the 2015 season and had previously said he wasn’t worried about a new deal, but rather desired instead to “become a more valuable player”.

The Eastern Upper Peninsula Michigan Tech alum was drafted by the Jellyfish in 2010.

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