New Logo Revealed for the Berkenbile Baboons

by Stephen A. Smiff

April 7, 2017

The Berkenbile Baboons were teased, shunned, and groin-kicked repeatedly by fans and players alike in 2016. It started with their on field performance, but it was quickly directed toward their awful logo, which looked to be designed by a kitten chasing a laser pointer across a tablet.

Thankfully, design firm UnstoppableAwesome stepped in and created an all new look for the red-assed poo flingers, creating something a bit more fierce, more “sporty”, and less “WTF is this shit?” Said UA spokesperson Seamus O’Shea “We rushed this thing out just before the deadline, but were sure to charge the client for weeks of work when really it took us a few hours.”

Berkenbile Baboons spokesman Billy Bernbull appreciated the new look. “Finally, we don’t suck at everything.”

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