The NPL 2019 Preseason Buffer

by Eleanor Crosby

August 24, 2019

News, updates, and just some random tidbits before the 2019 season gets under way!

Maternity Leave
The Jennifer Jellyfish will be operated by an interim General Manager, Ms. Emily Steinborn, while Jennifer enjoys the season as stress free as possible with Baby Olivia (born August 24, 2019). All reports are that Jennifer will return for the 2020 season. Ms. Steinborn has no experience and little desire to succeed in this silly league, so she should fit right in with the rest of us skill-wise.

The NPL Title Belt
Kelly carried the NPL Title Belt into the postseason, only to lose it to Chris in the first round of the playoffs. Chris then lost the belt to Steven in the second round of the playoffs. Steven managed to end that belt-changing-hands streak by defending the Title Belt from Brandon’s challenge in the Seer Cup. This means Steven starts the season as the NPL Title Belt holder as well as defending Seer Cup champion. That’s a lot of pressure. Let’s hope he doesn’t crumble.

Week One
The schedule for the first four weeks of the season is up and ready to view in the Schedule page. The Game of the Week for Week One pits Steven, the Title Belt Holder and defending champ, against Kelly, just one of six players in NPL history to log a 12-2 regular season record, and the only player with a 12 game winning streak. Should be a good one! Unless Steven crumbles.

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