It’s the Last Write Up of the Regular Season!

by Skip Brainless

December 15, 2017

NPL Write Up Week 14

Josh, Adam, Rachel, and Kevin top your divisions! Ryan, Ricky, Ethan, and Jennifer earn home field advantage in the Wild Card round! Joel finishes strong to earn a Wild Card! And LeScoot, Steven, and Brent somehow sneak into the playoffs at 7-7!




Michael snags the win here over Vince to close out the season. At 5-9, he closes out the year 4th in the division in accuracy, but 7th in the standings. Some tough breaks, including getting 6+ correct for six straight weeks, but only collecting two wins in that span.
Vince didn’t start off too hot, going 0-3 to open the year. He rebounded to win seven of the last 11, yet unfortunately finished with back to back losses to close the season, narrowly missing the playoffs. MICHAEL WINS, 17-6

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NPL Title Belt Match!

Berkenbile wins his second straight to close out 2017. He was the victim of some tough breaks, like getting 9 correct in Week 8 but losing to Josh via Monday Madness tiebreaker. Overall, it was a solid year – he led the league in Gold weeks (3) and finished 6th in the league in accuracy. And, somehow, the very guy that started the year with the Title Belt holds it going into another offseason.
Lauren had a decent number of Quality Weeks (9) but couldn’t put a win streak together. She bounced around the middle of the division and ultimately settled on a 6-8 record for the year. BERKENBILE WINS, 17-5

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Aside from a neat new logo, Jason hasn’t really had a noteworthy season. Middle of the pack on accuracy, a sub-.500 record, and some poor picking accuracy to close out the year. Jason had the three game streaks, two losing and one winning, which is something.
Ryan started hot, 3-0, then crashed to earth losing the next three to start 3-3 on the year. Then he rattled off 6 straight wins with no fewer than 7 correct in each game. Bad luck for him, however, was dropping the last two of the year to finish 9-5, which cost him the division banner. He does get to hang a Wild Card banner in the rafters, however, as one of the two representatives of the Prophet Division in the post season. JASON WINS, 53-6

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Jerry didn’t really have an identity early in the season. He went L-W-L-W-L to start the year, before pushing himself into the division lead with a 4-game winning streak. Then he crashed, dropping all four to close out the year at 6-8 on the season, missing the postseason.
Josh had a few lucky breaks in the first half of the season, collecting three wins with 5 or fewer correct picks. He closed out the season about as hot as you can ask, going 8+ in picks in 5 of the final seven weeks. That hot streak won him the Prophet Division banner (his 5th) and helped him leapfrog Jennifer and Rachel to close out the year as the most accurate player of 2017. JOSH WINS, 45-15

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Brandon gets the win here, knocking LeScoot from a division runner up to a lowly Wild Card. Brandon was perhaps the streakiest player in the NPL this season: L-WWW-LLL-WW-LLL-WW. His pick accuracy was good enough for t-18th in the league.
LeScoot topped the Psychic Division in pick accuracy, ultimately finishing 5th in the NPL. His 7-7 record is especially surprising given his 11 Quality Weeks (t-1st), including a stretch where he averaged over 7 picks correct for seven straight weeks. He moves on to the playoffs as a Wild Card. BRANDON WINS, 38-12

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Brent barely made the playoffs given this 2-correct performance on the last week of the year. Brent did as many favors as he could to help Berkenbile get into the post season: he lost and he got only 2 correct. Berkenbile couldn’t deliver on that Quality Week though. Brent finished t-7th in the NPL in accuracy and snags a Wild Card.
Adam snags the win here, improving to 9-5 to take home the Psychic Division banner (his 2nd), earning a first round bye in the playoffs. His accuracy is a bit middle-of-the-road (t-10th) but he delivered when it counts. ADAM WINS, 29-0

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Ricky couldn’t really put much together in terms of win streaks, never winning more than two games in a row. He tied Brent for 7th in the league in pick accuracy, while his 8-6 record was good enough for a division runner up.
Cari struggled right out of the gate, going 0-4 to start the season. She struggled for much of the year with pick accuracy, notching four donuts (<4 correct), tied with Miranda for the league lead. She did much better in the second half (6 Quality Weeks) but it wasn't enough to salvage the season. RICKY WINS, 18-6

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While Cari’s 4-10 was the worst record in the league, Corey’s 5-9 really gave her a run for her money. Corey started 2-1, with two of those games serving donuts (<4 correct), and didn't have a Quality Week until Week 8. He finished strong (six of the final seven games were Quality Weeks) but the 3-game and 5-game losing streaks doomed his year.
Steven had a great year for picks, finishing 2 correct picks behind the most accurate picker and notching himself his first Platinum Week (10-0). He had 10 Quality Weeks on the year – and probably would have been the most accurate player in the league if not for his 1-correct week in Week 6. STEVEN WINS, 39-34

Game decided by the Monday Madness Tiebreaker!
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DaVena really made a push in the last few weeks, putting together a 4-game winning streak during a stretch of five straight Quality Weeks. Unfortunately, closing out the year on back to back losses, this one to Chris playing spoiler, sank her chances at the postseason.
Chris couldn’t string anything together this season, bouncing back and forth from the Win column to the Loss column. The 4-game skid that started in Week 9 shattered his playoff hopes, but he closed out with two strong wins to finish 6-8 on the year. CHRIS WINS, 29-13

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Kevin rode an 8-game winning streak to the top of the Oracle Division, including a rare 2-correct victory in Week 6 over Steven. He closed out the year with a few duds to finish 10-4, tied for the best record in the NPL, which is impressive given his t-10th place ranking in accuracy. Still, that’s a banner and a first week bye for Kevin.
Jennifer spent most of the second half of the season in 1st for total accuracy, thanks to a seven game streak of Quality Weeks, including back to back 9 correct games. She finished just two picks behind the top accuracy on the year after this performance in Week 14. Her 11 Quality Weeks is t-1st on the season. She finishes 8-6 on the year, despite going 6-5 when getting 6+ correct (tough luck!). JENNIFER WINS, 20-0

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Ethan really hit his stride around Week 8. Up to that point, he was 4-3 but managed only two Quality Weeks in the first half. He notched six straight from that point on to finish the year 8-6, good enough for a division runner up.
Joel finished the first half at 2-5, collecting two donuts to go with his two Quality Weeks. Things didn’t look good. But, he rebounded with some stellar second half picking, winning 6 of his last 7, collecting two Gold Quality Week medals (9 correct) on the way to a Wild Card. JOEL WINS, 21-18

Game decided by the Monday Madness Tiebreaker!
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Kelly struggled with pick submission this year, dishing out the only free win of the year to Travis as well as having a few late submissions. Still, she crawled her way to a 7-7 record on the season and likely would have done better with more disciplined pick submission habits.
Andrew collected a few donuts here and there, but overall did rather well given his performances in earlier NPL seasons. He finished 6-8 on the year, thanks to a poorly executed second half in which he went 2-5, causing him to miss the playoffs. KELLY WINS, 38-6

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Like Joel, Miranda is typically a juggernaut (get it?) in this league. This season did not follow that trend. She collected all four of her donuts in the first 6 weeks of the season and didn’t win back-to-back games once this year. She also hovered around 50% on accuracy, which is truly out of character for her.
Travis finished 3rd in the division in accuracy and had 8 Quality Weeks on the season to counter two donuts. At 6-8, he was playing for his own destiny in the last week of the year, before losing here to Miranda. Playoffs were there for the taking with a decent win, but just slipped through his fingers. MIRANDA WINS, 20-6

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The final Game of the Week of the 2017 season pits Rachel on the road against Laci. Laci’s five Quality Weeks were 27th in the league, just ahead of last place Vince (4). Pair that with her 25th place accuracy, and you really start to question her methods. Still, she once again led the league in Solo Soothsayers and Lonesome Losers.
Rachel finished 10-4 thanks to this narrow victory, and barely missed being most accurate in the league by 2 picks. She put together a 7 game winning streak to pull away in the Augur Division and collected a Platinum Week (10-0) in Week 8. She snags her second division title in three years with her performance this season. RACHEL WINS, 20-19

Game decided by the Monday Madness Tiebreaker!
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Player of the Week

Jason JeStErS

Jason JeStErS

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