Rest in Peace, Jason

by The Commish

January 12, 2022

On Sunday, the NPL lost a close friend. Jason Danch, the operator of the Jason JeStErS NPL franchise had his life cut suddenly short in an unfortunate and heartbreaking motorcycle accident.

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The 2018 Playoff Picture After Week 13

by Benedict Undersnatch

December 7, 2018

The Playoff picture comes into focus! Kinda. Let’s take a look, conference by conference, division by division, team by team, player by player, wristband by wristband, horrendous college fraternity brand by horrendous college fraternity brand, at the upcoming playoff players!

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Cari Bous Players Walk Out

by Skip Brainless

October 14, 2016

Cari Bous players walked out on the coaches on Tuesday morning, in protest of the “awful play calling and lack of preparation” in regards to Monday night’s NPL Game of the Week against the Evil Entities. The Entities, despite being one of the worst offenses in the NPL, still managed to cruise by the heavily favored Cari Bous 19-0.

“What can we do? We can only go out there and run double reverses so many times before the defense catches on and starts putting our guys in the hospital,” said All-Pro TE Kyle Cornswallow. “I mean, our coaches got us this far, sure. But at what point does the gameplan get called into question?”

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Kev Kthulu to Miss At Least 3 Weeks

by Chester Curlybush

October 13, 2016

Following a horrendous play execution that saw Kevin Killcows QB Kev Kthulu throw the ball backwards out of his own endzone on the weirdest screen pass ever attempted, the Killcows sent in replacement QB Kevindarrio Krunch, a rookie out of Mountain Lake Forest State Technical Institute while Kthulu was examined on the Killcows sideline.

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